INTRODUCTION to cellular therapy

Sheep placenta has been used for thousands of years as for anti-aging, rejuvenation, regeneration and for promoting general health benefits. For years, the rich and famous are known to go to the clinics in Switzerland for cell therapy anti-aging treatment with fresh sheep placenta injections to maintain their youthful bloom and improve their quality of life.

Pope Pius XII, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Adrien Adenauer... were among the very few at time who could afford such luxury, and their legendary health and longevity were said to be some of the benefits of this exclusive treatment. Fast forward eighty years and A-list Hollywood stars begin taking Placenta supplements in their 20's to help slow the aging process.

Cell therapy discovered by Dr. Paul Niehans and proven to be effective for rejuvenation .Now the bioactive cell is available to the public in high quality soft gel capsule form. Bioactive Cell Therapy starts with the selection of specific organ cells from sheep and when orally ingested are organ-specific but not species-specific. Thus, they congregate at the human counterpart of the organ from which they were taken and "imprint" their vigor and vitality upon like organs in the human body. Users of cell therapy report lethargy replaced by vigor; renewed sexual satisfaction and a more youthful appearance.

TR Zell Cell Therapy Supplement is a placenta based ultra-nutritional supplement, harvested in New Zealand under pristine conditions and formulated in Switzerland by a time-honored method. TR Zell Cell Therapy Supplement is safe, and rich in bioactive nutrients that p replenish the body with rejuvenating, restorative micronutrients that can help slow the aging process and offers general health benefits.

TR Zell Cell Therapy Supplement presents for the first time, a modern, highly concentrated and purified innovation of that revered therapy: TR Zell supplements, Now rejuvenation and restoration once available to the very few, is offered to the general public in a soft gel advanced capsule form.

There are some changes and improvements since the pioneering days of placenta nutritional supplements, made even more important by man-made challenges to health. Industrial agriculture brought devastating blights to traditional forms of farming. Crops no longer contain sufficient amounts of nutrients, and livestock have been negatively affected, with mad cow disease having afflicted animals in many countries throughout the world, except for New Zealand. As a result of all these changes, to produce greater quantities and longer shelf life of vegetables and grains, science has sacrificed taste and nutrition.

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This sophisticated method that produces TR Zell begins in the pristine, open lands of New Zealand that nurture the most perfect sheep on earth. Scientists cull nourishing placenta without causing harm to the sheep during this process. After the nourishing process is completed, these ingredients are then safely transported to Switzerland where they are processed to preserve the bio-active, healing and soothing properties of life’s first food.  It is then combined with another high quality process for the ultimate supplement for human consumption.

As we age, humans need more, not less, of the vital substances that ensure continued good health and vitality.  In addition to purified placenta, TR Zell contains concentrated amounts of necessary vitamins and micro-nutrients that provide a rich serum of benefits to the system.

The full and lasting effects of TR Zell will be felt after six months of daily use.  However, from the very first day, a sense of well-being pervades every cell of the body and imparts a kind of elation that is born of the feeling from complete nutrition.  Like a deep breath of fresh air, the body is filled with the awareness that it has been deprived of sustenance.

Following are some common questions and answers about TR Zell.

How quickly does TR Zell work?

TR Zell functions as a nutritional supplement, so its benefits will be apparent in any case, but a pro-active lifestyle in which a balanced healthy diet, exercise, and constant awareness of the best practices for health and wellness are observed will show a more immediate and long lasting improvement.  

Is TR Zell considered a drug?

TR Zell is not a drug but is solely a nutritional supplement that is clinically tested and has an
USDA FDA free sale certificate .And which can be taken in conjunction with any other vitamins or nutritional supplements.

How effective can TR Zell  be?

With continued use, TR Zell can help you regain the vitality and  healthy youth,


TRZell comes in 30 Soft Gel Capsule Packs.  Recommended dosage is 1 capsule per day taken 30 minutes for breakfast, to ensure the most complete assimilation.